All of Alocasia's consultants are university qualified and posess a multi-discilpanary skill set to help your business meet your financial and/or stakholders goals. With decades of real world global experience let us plan and deliver your next IT initiative.

We know the challenges involved and are capable of supporting you on your journey to make better use of the internet, social media and modern cloud based software solutions. We will save time and money by co-ordinating all of your website development, graphic design, product photography, video development and social media initiatives.

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Event Photography & Gourmet Caterers

"With Alocasia, we work hard to get the best photography of all events. This include your local caterer photography. They play a huge party in ensuring your event goes to plan. With delicious catering options from gourmet chefs at Hire a Chef who we have worked with over numerous functions. We whole-heartly recommend you checking out their services for your wedding. Alocasia & Hire a Chef work perfectly paired to execute your reception." Mick Barber. Principal Consultant.

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